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Is a Luxe Private Milford Sound Tour for you?

There are several ways you can travel to and explore Milford Sound - self drive, take a large group tour in a big bus, a small group tour in a smaller coach or van, fly in by helicopter or plane, or the final way - a fully exclusive private tour.

A private tour isn't for everyone but it may surprise you to know that it is an appropriate option for many and here at Luxe Tours, it doesn't always cost you more per seat than on a regular day tour.

In this article, I am going to give you a brief synopsis of our private tour option, who it is suited for, how much it costs, the add-ons & extras to choose from and even what previous guests have said about taking a Luxe private tour to Milford Sound.

Who are Luxe Tours?

Private Milford Sound Tours, Luxe Tours NZ

Luxe Tours is a provider of Milford Sound Day Tours, departing from Te Anau daily. It is a small group tour with groups sizes of either nine people or 14 in our slightly bigger Mercedes coach coming for the 2024/2025 summer season. Our vans are newest of any tour from Te Anau and we would argue (modestly) that they are the best fitted out with leather seating, wooden vynal flooring and features such as high performance air conditioning/heating and ambience lighting.

The first tour started in February 2024 and is family owned by locals Toby and Katelyn Pascoe. Luxe is focused on providing a world class experience that exceeds everyones expectations and making sure guests see the absolute best parts of the Milford Road (the journey everyone must take to Milford Sound), as well as some special local or even family favourite locations that make for stunning photos or just a quiet moment to connect with nature & wildlife.

Since starting, Luxe Tours now has over 160 reviews across Google, TripAdvisor and other platforms with all 100% being five star.

Luxe Tours Reviews

Standard Tour or Private Tour?

While we wouldn't generally use the word 'Standard' to describe our tour, it is the best way to show the difference between it and a private tour.

Private Milford Sound Tours, Luxe Tours NZ

Our 'Standard' tour really refers to what most people would take - our Milford Sound Tour from Te Anau, with the vehicle being shared amongst different people who have booked. For example - our smaller group van can take 11 guests however we choose to only take 9 for extra comfort & space. If you booked on that tour, you would be with other bookings, such as a few other couples.

Our 'Private' tour option means you would be booking out the entire vehicle and only you and your group would be in it for the entire day. You can book a group up to 14 people in size.

Who is a Milford Sound Private Tour for?

Technically a group of any size could book us for a private tour, such as a couple but due to the size of our vehicles (11-seater & 14-seater), obviously it is best suited and makes more financial sense to have a group of at least six people.

A private tour sounds a bit exclusive doesn't it? You may think it is just for VIP guests or people who can afford it but this is a myth. Our pricing is just as competitive as the standard tour. We take all sorts of groups, for example:

  • Family or friend groups who are travelling together around New Zealand.

  • Sports teams celebrating the end of a season.

  • Corporate business groups on a work-do, party or getaway.

How much does a Milford Sound Private Tour cost?

Every private tour is different depending on what options & inclusions you wish to have however we can provide our base pricing for the 2024 season which ends in September 2024.

Base pricing includes all of the inclusions you would find on our standard Milford Sound Day Tour but the vehicle is just for your group.

Private Milford Sound Tours Cost, Luxe Tours NZ

Remember this is the pricing for the current 2024 season. Pricing changes from October 1st 2024 for the next Summer season here in Milford Sound. Helicopter pricing is increasing by about $100 per person, otherwise it is about a $20 per person increase.

Other add-ons that you can include are:

  • Food platters ($10 - $20 per person)

  • Lunch onboard the Milford Sound cruise ($15 - $40 per person)

  • Special requests that you can come up with.

Milford Sound Helicopter Tour

What is the Itinerary of a Private Milford Sound Tour?

The itinerary of our private Milford Sound Tours follow a very similar schedule to our public standard tour with up to 11 photo & nature stops, a two hour Milford Sound Cruise and plenty of opportunities for bathroom & rest breaks.

However there is more flexibility between your group and the driver to customise the day. For example we do a 30-min nature walk usually, but this could be dropped and replaced with a few more unique photo stops along the route to Milford Sound.

Private Tour from Te Anau - Departure Time: 8:45am with pick-up from accommodation included.

Return: 5:30pm

Private Tour from Queenstown - Departure Time: 6:15am with pick-up from accommodation included.

Return: 8:00pm

Private Tour from Queenstown with Helicopter Return - Departure Time: 6:15am with pick-up from accommodation included.

Return: 5:00pm

When should I book a Private Milford Sound Tour?

It is important to book early because as soon as we have a booking for a particular day on our standard Milford Sound Tour, we may be unable to accommodate a private tour.

If you are considering a Private Milford Sound Tour with Luxe Tours between 1st October 2024 & April 2025, we suggest making contact with us now to start arranging your booking as we are already receiving forward bookings for the next summer season.

How do I plan a Private Tour?

Complete an enquiry by clicking here.

Our bookings team will then work with you one on one to plan your private tour for your group and not everything is set in stone, you can change a few things right up until the day so don't panic if you don't know all the exact details now.

There is also a 48-hour cancellation policy on all Private Tours of which you will receive a 100% refund if cancelling before 48-hours to go to the tour.

A Luxe Tours Private Milford Sound Tour promises to be a highlight of your time in the South Island of New Zealand. You will experience unforgettable sights and comforts from your Luxe Coach, all the while being in the privacy of your own group.

Have a question? Reach out now to get all the information you need.

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