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Terms & Conditions

Important things to know below

Luxe Tours, trading under Luxe Travel Limited is a New Zealand (our directors are Fiordland locals) company operating out of Te Anau and Queenstown. 


  • All bookings will be processed in New Zealand dollars. 

  • Bookings will be processed when you click 'confirm booking' on the FareHarbour booking system that is intergrated with our website. 

  • A booking confirmation email will be sent to the email address you enter into the booking details form. We recommend keeping a copy of this email on record so that you have your booking confirmation code and other details relating to the purchased tour. 

  • The booking confirmation also acts as your proof of booking, should there be a need to request it. If you cannot produce this booking confirmation, your place on our tour may be cancelled. In this instance, a refund will not be offered if within 7 days of the tour departure date. 

  • You have the right to request an amendment to your booking such as details or date of tour. If this is within 24-hours of the tour, this may trigger a non-refund. Please refer to our cancellation policy below. Luxe Tours will do its best to accommodate amendment requests.

  • If you have any issues, concerns or questions with your booking, you should contact Luxe Tours at as soon as possible. 

  • Your credit card will be charged by 'Luxe Travel Ltd'. 


  • Luxe Travel Ltd reserves the right to cancel your booking for any reason that we deem appropriate including, but not limited to, a safety concern, incorrect or false information provided, accidental over-booking, under-booking of the tour or due to the weather. 

  • In the event of us cancelling your booking, for any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund which our team will process within 48 hours. 

  • You have the right to request an amendment to your booking, as well as change the date, number or names of guests, or other information that you have provided such as lunch & food options. If any of these changes are made within 3 days of the tour, Luxe Travel Ltd reserves the right not to approve them or not provide a refund in the case of some type of cancellation. 

  • If you fully cancel your booking more than 24-hours from the start of the tour, you will be provided with a 100% refund that will be processed within 48 hours by our team. You can choose to credit your tour in this instance.

  • If you fully cancel your booking within 24-hours of the tour, you will not be provided with a refund. In this instance, you will be offered a credit of the tour. Luxe Travel Ltd reserves the right to change any cancellation to a refundable cancellation at any time it sees fit. 

  • Please note: Full refund on Helicopter portion of ticket up until 48-hours to go until the tour begins. Within 48-hours - 24-hours will mean only a 50% refund, and within 24-hours will be a 0% refund.

  • Not showing up to the tour will result in a non-refund. 

  • Luxe Travel Ltd reserves the right to remove you from our tour if we cite security or safety concerns to any other guest on the tour or to the driver/guide. In this instance, you will not be provided a refund. This situation may also lead to Luxe Travel Ltd requesting police assistance if the safety of the tour is deemed at risk.

  • If Luxe Travel Ltd is forced to cancel a tour due to an authority such as the government, council, department of conversation, NZTA, or police, guests shall have the option to credit their tour for up to 12 months, or receive a full 100% refund. 

Magic Milford Moments Photo/Reel Contest
  • Luxe Travel Ltd is running a photo contest called 'Magic Milford Moments' from 14th May 2024 onwards. 

  • Luxe Travel Ltd reserves the right to end the contest at any point it deems fit. 

  • Participants must submit their photo or reel to Facebook or Instagram by doing a hash-tag #magicmilford and mentioning Luxe Tours @luxetoursnz. 

  • Participants agree that by submitting their photo or reel, they are giving Luxe Travel Ltd permission to repost the image/video on their social media accounts and/or website and/or advertising material. Participants agree this is at no cost to Luxe Travel Ltd.

  • One individual winner will be selected each month and have the 'Milford Sound Day Tour' portion of their ticket refunded. If the winner booked a package - i.e. Milford Sound Day Tour + Heli Tour, they will only be refunded the Milford Sound Day Tour portion and for only one person. 

  • The winner decision is final. 

Risk and Responsibility 

  • Luxe Travel Ltd accepts no responsibility for any financial loss occurred by its guests from matters outside of its control in relation to proceeding on the tour such as in-climate weather leading to not making the tour departure time, not informing Luxe Travel Ltd that the guest wishes to have a change or cancellation or not being at the designated pick up point for the tour in the time allocated and communicated to the guest. 

  • Luxe Travel Ltd accepts no responsibility for any financial loss occurring due to unforeseen circumstances on the tour such as a delay of the cruise arrival back at Milford Sound, traffic delays, other guests causing delays or any weather event happening on the day of the tour. 

  • All Luxe Travel Ltd tours may carry a degree of risk that will be clearly communicated when booking and that by choosing to book and participate in a Luxe Travel Ltd tour, you are assuming those risks personally and by doing so release Luxe Travel Ltd (trading as Luxe Tours) from any liability, losses, claims, expenses or damages.


  • Rezdy provides our booking and payment services. Their policies in relation to payment processing, privacy, security, cookies, terms & conditions, and data, can be found here:


  • You accept that you should contact us at if you have any concerns or questions in relation to the above terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy. Not doing so releases Luxe Travel Ltd from being aware of any issue or concern that may result in a loss for you. 

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