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Native tree sapling, Luxe Milford Tour from Te Anau

Native Tree Planting

Goal: 2500 Trees planted in 2024

We know how lucky we are to live in this beautiful home we call Fiordland. The scenery, wildlife and magic we see everyday are snapshots that some would only dream of seeing once in their lifetime. Because it is our home, we have a big invested interest in it still being here for our children, grandchildren and many more generations. 

Tourism needs to be sustainable for the future. New Zealand and its natural places need tourism to promote what we are fighting for, but it also needs to not destroy it at the same time. We are mutually linked by the same desire for a prosperous future. 

49kg CO2 emissions per tour
We plant up to 10 native trees per tour
That equates to 539kg of carbon offset.
Sustainable tourism in Milford Sound with Luxe Tours

Luxe Tours has set out to do our small part in keeping Fiordland as beautiful as you see it today. If you travel with us, you too will be helping. 

For every guest on our tour, we donate one native tree to a local farm or community run organisation in Southland that plants trees in key areas, in partnership with 'Fork & Spade'. That results in about 10 every day, or about 2,500 trees every year. 


Our tour into Milford Sound contributes about 49kg (108lbs) of CO2 emissions each day, or 16.5 tonne per year.


We need to plant 269 native trees per year to cover our tour emissions. 

We are well and truly achieving that. How good right?

Once your tour is complete, keep an eye on your email to see where the tree you donated is being planted and you can be a part of New Zealand's sustainability forever!

Enjoy a tour, enjoy our forests...

Our Milford Sound tour from Te Anau includes unique stops, an eco-promise, and passionate local guides. Book your Luxe Tour now for an unforgettable journey!

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