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Milford Sound waterfall, Luxe Milford Tour from Te Anau

A Completely Carbon Neutral Tour


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We get it. It's pretty hard to imagine that alone we can significantly improve the environment, but we can certainly ensure that the steps we take through our beautiful backyard everyday don't leave permanent footprints. Our tour is completely carbon neutral!

Our team are all locals living in Fiordland with families and so trust us when we say that we care more than just using buzz-words for marketing purposes, when it comes to giving back to conservation. Our contribution of 2,500 trees to planting programmes is directly benefiting the local area with native trees and means our tour is carbon neutral! We also have bigger plans for the future with our team looking into seeding and growing our own native trees to donate to locals in the Te Anau area, on top of what we do now. Stay tuned!


Our main coach is a 2023 Mercedes Sprinter with the latest technology & includes Adblue to help with emissions.

We offset about 490kg of CO2 emissions everyday through our partnership with farmers & community groups in the area, planting approx 2,500 native trees a year

Our team operate out of their own homes. We love providing them with the ability to work from home which cuts down on the need for office space & wasting resources such as office power.

All our processes utilise technology, smart booking and cloud based systems, taking away the need for office space and allowing our team to work from anywhere!

We recycle everything that we provide you on tour, from our water bottles & coffee cups, to any left over tour maps & plans. Our water bottles are completely plant-based, reusable & compostable! 

We chose our cruise partner to be RealNZ due to their big commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation. They are a family owned company like us, who uphold their sustainable values. 

Milford Sound Tour, Luxe Tours NZ

"We have an amazing opportunity as a tourism operator to benefit nature in a way that it is still there for our children & grandchildren to enjoy. So we created an entire sustainable eco-system at Luxe!"

Katelyn Pascoe, Owner & Tour Operator

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Our Milford Sound tour from Te Anau includes unique stops, premium cruises, and passionate local guides. Book your Luxe Tour now for an unforgettable journey!

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