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The Luxe Tours 'Eco-System' process

Booking received through our online cloud booking system & confirmed via our staff working from home. 
Emission/waste causing rating: 2/10 (electricity)
Emission/waste saving rating: 8/10 (cloud based systems, staff working from home)

Tour to Milford Sound takes place in luxury Mercedes Sprinter vehicle with latest emissions technology.
Emission/waste causing rating: 8/10 (diesel CO2 emissions, tyre usage)
Emission/waste saving rating: 3/10 (emissions technology)

All water bottles, packaging, brochures/paper used are plant-based and/or compostable.
Emission/waste causing rating: 1/10 (production of those amenities)
Emission/waste saving rating: 8/10 (reusable, recylable or compostable)

Cruise with our partner RealNZ produces carbon emissions, however RealNZ is a big contributor to nature/wildlife programmes throughout Fiordland and a high user of eco friendly products & packaging. 
Emission/waste causing rating: 6/10 (Cruise boat)
Emission/waste saving rating: 6/10 (reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging, as well as their ongoing bird & land restoration projects.  

All of the packaging waste from Luxe Tours specifically is composted into our own worm-farms (10 at our HQ!) & compost bins. Luxe Tours has enough worms & composting power to breakdown approximately 20kg of waste per day. 
Emission/waste causing rating: 0/10
Emission/waste saving rating: 10/10 (total recycling, composting or reusing and acting as food for our compost worms)  

Compost worms own waste, or known as 'worm tea' is considered black gold as it is a highly nutrient filled, natural fertiliser. This will be donated back to groups growing tree & plant seedlings.
Emission/waste causing rating: 0/10
Emission/waste saving rating: 10/10 (creating natural fertaliser to grow native plants/trees)  

We fund one native tree for every guest that travels with us. Each of these trees will absorb 11 times our total tour carbon emissions over 20 years.
Emission/waste causing rating: 0/10
Emission/waste saving rating: 10/10 (planting native trees to absorb carbon in the atmosphere)  

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